Servicing, Repairs & MOT

We are able to Service, Repair and MOT most makes of car and small van,  We have genuine Dealer Diagnostic Equipment for most manufacturers, so in addition to Diagnostics, Software Updates and Service Resets, we are also able to Add and Update Vehicle Manufacturers Online Service Records!

We offer fast economical servicing that ensures that the vehicle warranty status will be maintained.

We offer interim and major service options based upon vehicle mileage and the age of the vehicle.

We use top quality materials such as Mann Filters and Petronas engine oil (as used in Formula 1 Racing) Yet due to the volume of products that we buy we are able to offer this service at competitive prices.

In addition to our equipment we are also authorised Independent Repairers for many vehicle manufacturers

"Fantastic Service, Turner Diagnostics have been servicing all my families cars for many years, I wouldn't go anywhere else" ☆☆☆☆☆James Bishop rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars

Servicing Cost for Cars and Light Vans


Oil & Filter
  Major Service
 & MOT Test
up to 1300cc £54.00 £94.00   £149.00   £184.00  £224.00
with MOT  
up to 1600cc £59.00 £99.00 £159.00 £194.00 £234.00
with MOT
up to 1900cc £64.00 £104.00 £169.00 £204.00 £244.00
with MOT
up to 2200cc £69.00 £109.00 £189.00 £224.00 £264.00
with MOT
over 2200cc £74.00 £114.00 £229.00 £264.00 £304.00
with MOT
Executive & SUV £95.00 £145.00 £275.00 £325.00 £365.00
with MOT


Spark plugs and Low Ash and other specialist oils carry an additional cost - please ask for details for your vehicle


What's covered

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Check and report on cambelt renewal period
Check and report on pollen filter renewal period
Fit protective covers
Check operation of horn
Check operation of all driver controls
Check all warning lights, ABS and engine management lights
Check brake servo for operation and leaks
Check brake pedal travel
Reset service light (if applicable)
Check correct clutch operation (manual only) and gear selection (manual and automatic)
Check condition of number plates, mirrors and trims
Check operation and condition of all exterior lights and reflectors
Check and record the air conditioning temperature
Check wiper blades for condition and security
Check spare wheel and locking wheel nut tools
Carry out brake fluid test and report on condition
Check clutch fluid for condition
Check and report coolant protection level
Visually inspect radiator and coolant pipes and hoses for security and leaks
Carry out battery and alternator test and report on results
Check fan belt, PAS, and auxiliary belts for condition and tension, and adjust if required
Check tyres, valves and tyre pressures, including spares, and adjust if required
Check wheel bearings for excessive play, noise and roughness
Remove all road wheels
Check and report on condition and operation of front brakes
Check and report on condition and operation of rear brakes
Check condition of visible brake flexi hoses
Check all visible suspension components for leaks and security
Check steering joints and rack for wear
Drain oil and filter
Check exhaust system for security, leaks and condition
Check driveshafts and gaiters for security, condition, and wear
Check steering rack and mountings for security, condition and wear
Check load sensing valve for security, condition and operation (if applicable)
Check suspension components and mountings for condition and security
Check and report on engine and transmission oil leaks
Renew oil filter and replace sump plug with a new washer (if applicable)
Lubricate handbrake and load sensing valve linkages as required
Refit road wheels
Torque wheel nuts to manufacturer's specification
Refill engine oil with correct grade
Top up washers and coolant level
Stamp service book
Return locking wheel nut
Check and report on spark plug renewal period
Check condition of windscreen and security of rear view mirror
Check condition and operation of washers and wipers
Carry out suspension bounce test
Remove spark plugs, check condition of all components and report
Check security of fuel lines, brake pipes and hoses, and handbrake cables
Carry out under body inspection
Check engine and transmission mounts for security and wear
Replace spark plugs if applicable (additional cost for platinum plugs)
Replace air filter
Check and lubricate throttle cable
Lubricate under bonnet catches and hinges
Apply spray grease to battery terminals
Check handbrake operation and travel
Check operation of interior switches
Health check code read (if applicable)
Check condition and security of fuel cap
Test starter motor security, cranking, and operation
Check and top up gearbox and differential oil levels using correct grade (excluding automatic transmissions)
Replace in line fuel filter on petrol engines (if applicable)
Clean and adjust brakes, and refit drums as required
Replace fuel filter (diesel engines)
Replace pollen filter (additional cost)
Lubricate all door catches, locks, and hinges as required
Carry out road test