Mercedes Sprinter & Vito Start Error

We can fix the problem on Mercedes Sprinter and Vito models where the message "Start Error" appears on the instrument cluster.

This problem prevents the vehicle starting, leaving the vehicle unusable.

The problem is very common and can of course be fixed by getting the vehicle transported to the local Mercedes Franchised Dealership, this is obviously a costly option and can result in the immobiliser module being replaced unnecessarily, so can often result in an invoice (including recovery) of £450.00 or more.

The alternative is to send the immobiliser control unit and the engine ecu to us by post and we will fix the problem, once you receive the parts you just put them back in the vehicle, start up and away you go.

The cost of this specialist service is £165.00 including return carriage.

So if your van has "start error" on the dashboard, send the parts to us for a low cost, no programming required fix.

You just need to send the immobiliser unit and the ecu to the address on our contact page, including a note that you have a start error and include your full address & email address and we will fix the problem and return it to you ready to go as soon as possible.