Lost Car Keys - Toyota & Lexus

Loosing your car keys can be a nuisance, as it always seems to be a the wrong time, however on an increasing number of vehicles it can be much more of a problem, for many cars, particularly Toyota and Lexus, but a number of other makes and models also, loosing the last key can be very expensive.

On Many Toyota and Lexus models you must have a working key to be able to program a new key, this means that if you have lost your only key you will discover that you will need to replace your engine ecu, immobiliser and all the locks on the vehicle, something that typically costs £1,700.00 or sometimes much more.


At Turner Diagnostics we have another solution to this problem which allows us to create new keys even when there is not key for the vehicle, this service is used by vehicle owners, garage workshops, Lexus & Toyota Dealers from all over the world.

You will need to send us one or two components off your vehicle and we will supply a new key or central locking remote that arrives back with you ready to start the car. We can supply as many keys as you like.

This service has saved many owners £1500.00 or more off the costs quoted by their local dealership.

Contact us to find out how we can get your car going whatever make or model, if you have lost your keys and have been quoted hundreds or even thousands to resolve the problem elsewhere.