ECU Replacement

An ever increasing number of vehicles are referred to us as having ECU failure, in real terms many of these cars while having problems, do not in fact have failed ECU's. Often those unable to find the real fault with a vehicle blame the fault on the ECU.
ECU's do fail, sometimes caused by water damage, being 'spiked' by the use of jump packs and jump leads and also quite often jump leads being connected the wrong way round! Other relatively common causes of ECU failure are specific to particular makes and models of car, for example Ford Focus and Mondeo and also Fiat Punto loss of spark to one or more cylinders.
Vauxhall Astra, Vectra, Corsa and Omega ECU failures often cause rough running and frequently they are unable to start the engine. These are not the only makes and models of car that suffer from ECU failure though.
We are often able to repair the ECU's on most makes and models of car, however sometimes it is more cost effective to replace the failed ECU with a used or remanufactured ECU, we are happy to offer help and advice and can supply most ECU's quickly and economically. Often saving Hundreds of pounds off the cost of genuine new parts.

ECU Testing

This will probably surprise many people, but here it is anyway, ECU's can NOT be tested off the vehicle, regardless of what you are told by the many ECU Testing companies, they are unable due to things like the immobiliser, this means that they can only test components and cant simulate the engine running under all loads and conditions, nor can they test that the ecu will allow the engine to start or run, its just not possible. This is why so many ECU's are tested by these companies and either cant be repaired or they cant find the problem or are repaired and returned as "fixed" yet still the problem remains.

This is the reason that we dont provide a bench testing service, for many faults its too unreliable and is not good practice.

For this reason we offer either on-vehicle testing of control units or Exchange ECU's, the ecu's we supply are exact copies or clones of the original ecu and have been tested on a vehicle before we program them to match your car.

Exchange Ecu's

We are able to supply exchange ecu's for most makes and models of car and light van, you need to send your old ecu to us so that we can ensure that the replacement ecu has the correct software and security configuration on it so that it works right away

Our Exchange ecu's are programmed to your individual vehicle, this means they are a plug-and-play solution, no programming is necessary, even the immobiliser will work exactly the same as before.

For More information, prices or to order a Replacement ECU Here to provide the information we need to give you an exact price to supply an exchange ecu for your vehicle.

Used ECU Problems

We get lots of calls from people who have bought second-hand or used ecu's from online auction sites, scrap yards and breakers yards, they have bought another ecu because the one on their car has failed, but their car wont start with the 'replacement' ecu! The reason is that most ECU's are coded into other components such as the immobiliser, dashboard, body controller or many other possibilities, we can help with this problem by cloning the 'new' ECU to match the 'old' ECU so that everything matches. 

Sometimes the replacement ECU has different versions of the software that is used on the rest of the vehicle or different options fitted, we can often correct these problems by reprogramming the ECU with files directly from the vehicle manufacturers websites in the same way that the dealers would.

ECU Types

We can supply exchange ecu's and recode customer supplied used ecu's for most makes and models of car, we can perform this specialised task on ecu's of the following types :-

  1. Engine ECU's
  2. Transmission ECU's
  3. Body Control Units
  4. BSI Units
  5. UCH Units
  6. Seat Controllers
  7. Door Control Units
  8. Suspension Control Units
  9. Instrument Clusters
  10. CIM Modules

And many more, just click on the link below to find out how we can help you with your problem.

Whatever the problem we can usually help.

For More information or to order a Replacement ECU Click Here