ECU Flashing Repairs

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet we are receiving a huge increase in the number of people that contact us about damage to Engine ECU's caused by problems when trying to remap their own cars, with information and cheap "flash" files being shared on forums and bought on auction sites, this problem is rapidly becoming more common.

There is also a huge amount of cheap hardware about that causes problems when trying to flash or remap your car.

As an increasing number of people are discovering to their cost, remapping is an art that cannot be completed using cheap generic files and poor quality flash tools. Even the voltage is important when flashing an ecu.

The good news is that in almost all cases we are able to recover the data in most ecu's, even when you dont seem to be able to read them.

We have specialist tools and equipment that allows us to recover most ecu's and put the correct flash files back on the ecu. We can often recover the ecu, even when other "specialists" have failed, we have tools, equipment and skills that many can only dream of

So if you have managed to stop your car from running by flashing it yourself or even if its been done by one of the increasing number of mobile tuners, who seem to disappear without trace once your ecu locks out, we can usually help you.

Contact us using the forms on our contact us page, including as much information as possible and we will do our best to get your car moving again, we can even remap it for you, with professional custom mapped files at the same time if you like.