DPF Restoration & DPF & EGR Tuning

We have been correcting cars that have had the DPF removed for quite some time, with the changes due regarding the MOT test in May 2018 our work will only increase. In a nutshell our understanding of the MOT test from May 2018 is that any soot or smoke whatsoever from the exhaust of DPF equipped cars will be an instant fail, in addition the MOT tester will be checking the DPF for signs of tampering and welding which if found, will also be an instant MOT Fail. With all the companies offering DPF removal that is likely to be a lot of cars! Many of those "garages" are likely to disappear when all their customers cars fail the MOT, which causes problems for the owners of these vehicles.

There are many companies that have been illegally removing DPF filters from cars and using decidedly dodgy software to prevent fault codes and error messages. The problem is that the DPF is there to prevent modern diesel vehicles from polluting the environment, it does this by filtering the exhaust gasses and holding the soot, tar and other pollutants and incinerating them when they reach a level set by the manufacturers, this when all works well keeps the most harmful pollutants from being released into the air we all breathe.

The problem comes when new owners unwittingly buy a used car that has had the DPF removed or when on the bad advise of unqualified garages owners remove the DPF to resolve the error messages, the only way of correcting the fact that the DPF has been removed is to fit a replacement DPF unit into the exhaust, then the most difficult part, the Engine ECU/PCM has to have the software corrected to enable the DPF to manage the cleaning and regeneration process, this is where the problem comes, unless you have the original software (before the DPF was removed) it becomes very difficult to enable the DPF to work properly, Why you may ask, well the problem comes about because of the poor and crazy ways that the DPF has been removed and what else has been modified at the same time.

This is where we come in, we have the ability to correct the software on almost all makes and models of car, van and vehicle that has a DPF fitted as standard. We can often update the software to the current or latest version (which would sometimes have fixed the problem that caused the DPF to be removed in the first place) and correct the removal of Error codes and check that the vehicle is running correctly.

DPF Tuning

On many vehicles we have developed changes to the ECU software that help reduce the possibility of the DPF becoming blocked due to stop-start and lots of city driving and short journeys, we can cause the DPF to clean at a lower level of contamination and we can also enable the DPF to continue cleaning for longer to lower levels so that it takes longer for the DPF to become full. This DPF Tuning can also reduce fuel consumption during driving (not during cleaning) due to the reduced back-pressure and increased flow of the DPF.

EGR Tuning

In addition to modifying the DPF maps in the ecu, we can also modify the parameters and maps that control the EGR valve which is another cause of DPF premature blocking, the modifications we make means that the vehicle continues to benefit from good features of the EGR but the areas that can cause problems and inefficiencies are reduced.