Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning (DPF Cleaning)

As you are reading this page you are probably one of the many people that contact us every day with a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

How to clean the DPF yourself - Click Here for instructions


The good news is that if after following the instructions on the above link, you still have a problem with your DPF, we can solve the problem for you.


DPF Cleaning

We can identify the cause of your DPF becoming blocked, this is a chargeable service.

We can fix the problem, you will be advised of the cost before we proceed with any repairs that may be necessary.

We can then Clean your DPF if necessary, often this is not required.

Reset any error codes using the same procedures that the main dealers use

Perform an emergency regeneration and ensure that the complete DPF system is operating correctly so the problem wont happen again.

You are probably wanting to know how much it costs....

To clean the DPF on most vehicles costs £265.00, this includes resetting the soot level calculation in the ecu if necessary, any repairs needed before we can clean the DPF will be advised once the initial diagnosis is performed.


The cause of the failure of the DPF to not function correctly and self-clean will be advised and the cost of repair will be made clear to you before proceeding with the repair or cleaning of the dpf, so you will normally have a cost of one hours labour before deciding to proceed further. Diagnosing problems that have caused the DPF to become blocked is a chargeable service at £70.00 per hour, we can normally diagnose most problems within an hour, any problems advised MUST be rectified BEFORE we will clean the dpf. This will prevent the dpf blocking again.


The process that we use to clean your DPF is a closely guarded company secret that uses a multi-stage process to effectively clean the DPF Core using a specialist process that has been developed by us, this process achieves similar results to the normal regeneration process that cleans the DPF under normal operating conditions, however once the soot level in the DPF reaches a certain level the ECU will not allow the DPF to regenerate due to the risk of fire. The cleaning method that we practice allows even the most badly sooted DPF's to be cleaned and the vehicle returned to its normal working condition.


We recently had a 2009 model year Audi TT in our workshop where the soot level in the DPF was so high that the vehicle remained in limp mode, the soot level was actually higher than the maximum level that can be seen by the engine ecu, we cleaned the EGR valve, which was the cause of the excess sooting, then cleaned the DPF, cleared the stored values and took the car for a short run, (about 5 miles) the soot level was reduced to zero and the car performance was restored to its normal level. This particular vehicle had been to a number of dealers who reported that replacement at a cost of £1,700.00 was the only option available.


We can also offer advice and specialist products that can reduce the build up of soot in the first place, just ask when you bring your vehicle in for further information.


We can usually offer DPF Cleaning as a same-day service which normally takes about 2-3 hours, any further remedial work that is required will obviously take longer and is subject to parts availability but can be discussed at the time.


You are probably aware that many Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) cost close to £1000 or even substantially more, so our specialist DPF Cleaning service is sought by car owners from all over the country, often travelling great distances to take advantage of the specialist cleaning service that we offer. This is not really a while you wait service so many customers go for a stroll in the surrounding countryside or sight seeing in the historic City of St Albans while their car problems are solved.


We are happy to arrange a convenient appointment for you, often on the same day, to help you resolve the problem with your vehicle in a cost efficient, fast and easy to use service.


As diagnostic and auto electrical specialists we are also able to offer advice and assistance on any other problems you are having with your vehicle when you visit.


DPF Removal

We can also remove the DPF on most makes and models of car, Click HERE for further information


Call us on 07922 310396 to arrange an appointment to have your DPF problem diagnosed or identified, rectified and cleaned.