Live 14CUX Tuning on our Rolling Road

We have 45 years tuning experience and have been tuning the ever popular Rover V8 engines as fitted to Land Rover Discovery, Defender, and Range Rover, the 14CUX was used with the Rover V8 in the TVR Griffith and its sister car, the Chimaera and Ginetta produced the G33 roadster, using the same ECU. We are seeing an ever increasing number of classic cars such as MG and Triumph TR7 sharing this Engine Management System.

We are able to monitor all available data from the ecu and add our other inputs such as:

  • Lambda
  • Air Fuel Ratio
  • Exhaust Temperatures
  • Knock Sensors
  • Atmospheric data from our weather station

At the same time we can also make live changes to the ECU Maps making changes and instantly monitoring the effects, this allows us to offer Real-Time Custom Tuning for a number of ECU systems including the 14CUX system.Live Tuning 14CUX Ecu

This equipment also allows us to determine the cause of running problems and diagnose the exact cause, which we can then repair. FOr example we have our own Asnu Injector cleaning and testing system that allows us to return Fuel Injectors to their original specifications. You would be surprised how many 14CUX engines have bad injectors,

Whatever your vehicle if the ECU is a 14CUX we can help you get the engine running correctly and even increase power and torque to meet your particualr requirements, whatever they may be, Give us a call and we will do all we can to help you.