Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning Services 

The intrinsic nature of the air conditioning operation means that fungus and bacteria can build up on the internal evaporator of the car (situated under the dashboard).

This build up of bacteria can result in what is commonly known as "sick car syndrome". Not only is an offensive smell given off whenever the air conditioning is switched on , but occupants can feel sick or contract ear, nose and throat infections from your system.

The potential for streptococcal infections from contaminated Air Conditioning systems has been recognised for years particularly in California where the infection occurs all year round and is widely referred to as strep throat.

We treat the evaporator with a specially formulated Air Conditioner anti-bacterial spray that kills all the bugs and leaves your air conditioning smelling sweet.

Anti-Bacterial Service cost £25.00

We only provide the anti-bacterial service for £25.00 as part of an air conditioning service. Although it is best to fix the source of this problem with a full service, we can quote separately for this service only.

We operate a fully comprehensive service and are fully equipped to provide a complete vehicle air conditioning service.

Please call to discuss your specific requirement or if you need free advice on your vehicle problem we would be most pleased to discuss this with you.