Air Conditioning Repairs

At Turner Diagnostics we also offer a full diagnosis, leak-detection and repair service in our workshop.

Using the very latest equipment we are able to diagnose all manner of faults and problems with air conditioning and climate control systems. We have the latest electronic diagnostic tools that allow our City & Guilds certified technicians to interrogate your cars electronic control unit (ECU) and rectify the cause of the problem.

We are able to repair pipes and connectors on site while you wait, this not only saves you time of a return visit but can save you a huge amount of money on complete replacement parts.

Leak Detection

We provide a full leak detection program using inert gases such as oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) electronic sniffers, halide torch and ultraviolet dyes to ensure that all leaks are easily found.

Warning! don't be fooled by anyone who offers to add dye and suggest that you come back in a couple of weeks to see if they can find the leak.
It is illegal to fill a system that has a leak with refrigerant, secondly the dye fades after two or three days due to exposure to light!

We are able to find your leak on site straight away saving you from any return visits or being fobbed of with dye.

Pipe and Hose Repairs and Manufacture

We have a comprehensive range of tools and the expertise to repair and manufacture all air conditioning hoses and pipes. Most pipes and hoses can be repaired or manufactured within an hour or so from the huge stock of parts that we have available.
We use the very latest alluminium alloys and multi-layer barrier hoses for all repairs and new pipes or hoses, so all repairs are to the latest specifications.

Our ability to repair and manufacture new pipes and hoses offers substantial savings over manufacturers parts prices, with some pipes and hoses costing hundreds of pounds from the dealers, not only can you save money, we can make them on the spot so there is no need to wait for weeks for parts to arrive.

Use the Experts

Before you have any work done on your air con or climate control system, contact us, we might be able to save you a fortune, but more importantly get the job done promptly and properly, first time round.