Remapping Prices

We are able to remap vehicles using a number of methods and products.

We can Supply and upload tuning files from most of the Well Known companies, these standard tuning files cost the same, so long as they can be written to the ECU via the Diagnostic or OBD Socket, the cost is £300.00 for these files. 

Our Custom Remaps that are specific to one particular car, are written by our Software Engineer to meet the needs of each individual car owner. These TPD Tuning Files cost £400.00 if they can be written through the Diagnostic or OBD Socket

Our remaps may not be the cheapest, you get what you pay for, We believe that you will not get better Custom Remaps anywhere and not at this cost.. Beware of some Remapping "Dealers" using standard tuning files that they download from their suppliers that they claim are Custom tunes.

Older cars and some vehicles produced using Copy Protected Software, so called Write-Once ECU's that were increasingly common during the 2006 to 2015 (sometimes outside these years) have to be programmed on the Bench, removing the ECU's from the vehicle can take an hour or more and then the ECU needs to be opened, plugged back into the car and tested, returned to the Bench for reading and programming, this additional work is chargeable and will be advised before proceeding if necessary. Call us with your vehicle details if you want to check before you book your vehicle in for a Tune.

Call us during our normal business hours to make an appointment to have your car remapped or Contact Us if you have any questions.