Remapping Information

Most people arrive at this page in an attempt to find out more about remapping and also how to decide which of the many companies to use to tune their vehicle.

Most companies that offer remapping are actually "Dealers" for some large and well known companies that make their money out of producing tuning files for these "Dealers" Sometimes the files are produced by individuals that are unheard of in the industry. How anyone can tell who produced a file and if it is any good is beyond us, we often get cars on our Rolling Road Dyno for "Power Runs" which produce a chart showing actual power and torque data, often to the surprise of the owners or the tuning companies who were promised much better results.

This really means that MOST Remapping companies are actually individuals and small businesses that should really be called installers as they just instal other peoples tuning files. Installing files via the OBD or Diagnostic socket is so simple that companies are now offering for sale devices that allow vehicle owners to instal up to 3 different files on their own vehicles, so bypassing the need for "Dealers", I'm sure that you can see where this is leading, soon there will be no need for "Dealers" and the tuning file producers can increase their profits as they wont have to share them with "Dealers".

Custom Remap, To us a custom remap is one that is created specifically for a particular Vehicle/Engine and Owner, so the tune reflects exactly what the customer wants, specifically Power, (Horse Power and Torque) The point in the rev range that the power increases and how high the engine will rev. At the other end of the range is a tune that is specifically aimed at increasing Miles Per Gallon. Often our customers demand a tune that mixes the two, Power and Economy

The vast majority of tuning file sellers and their "Dealers" produce standard tuning files which are pulled from a database of files based upon the ECU part Number and Software Version, this allows files to be returned to the "Dealers" within seconds and also allows the purchase of Tuning Files from online Databases of files based upone ECU and Software versions which could be uploaded to a car without even needing to read the original file - not something we would suggest is correct protocol.

Bespoke Remap, is the tuning of a vehicle that is carried out on a rolling road that seeks to match the requests of the customer. This takes hours to do properly if maximum power and efficiency is to be achieved. It is especially useful on heavily modified vehicles as it allows full customisation to match the changes in the engines characteristics.

I am sure that many people will be surprised to discover that many of the people producing "remapped" files actually have very little understanding of the way an engine works, they are just programmers that have picked up (often copied) the work of others, who often also lack the necessary understanding of how an engine works or its requirements.

Our Unique Custom Remap process is as follows.

  • Our customer makes an an appointment to have the remapping completed
  • Vehicle arrives at our workshop at the arranged time
    • A Vehicle Health Check is Completed as Below
    • A full diagnostic scan of the engine management ECU is completed
    • The engine is inspected and "Live Data" checked to ensure that the engine is running correctly
    • The Intake system is inspected and checked for leaks one vacuum and boost lines
    • Oil and Water levels are checked
    • The wheels and tyres are inspected and pressure checked and adjusted if necessary
    • Any problems found during the Vehicle Health Check are reported to the customer.
  • If everything is working properly the current data and Maps are downloaded from the vehicle Engine Management System
    • In most modern vehicles the data is downloaded through the vehicle communications socket, sometimes by directly communicating with the ECU.
  • The data file and Maps are modified, in line with the customers requirements, this is a manual process, so every car receives a unique "tune"
  • The modified file is loaded back to the ECU
  • We can then Log the engine data and fine tune the Maps if requested
  • The vehicle is then road tested and checked
  • A further engine diagnostic check is performed
  • The customer pays for the software modification
  • The customer takes their car away for what will be a very enjoyable journey home.

We can also offer before and after "Power Runs" on our Rolling Road Dyno or Dynamometer by previous arrangement

Bespoke Tuning

For enquiries for our Bespoke tuning service please call us to discuss your vehicle, requirements and expectations, If you know or just call us for a chat and we will try to help you.

Call us on 07835 221337 during business hours or use our online Booking Facility by Clicking Online Booking


Over 30 Years Tuning Experience and Ongoing Training

We have been and continue to receive ongoing training in the the reading and remapping of modern engine ecu units, having been tuning vehicles since the days of carburettors it is actually a process that comes naturally to us. Being able  to change things like ignition timing without having to use a spanner is quite brilliant! We are able to tune for increased power, ecconomy or a balance between the two, you the customer decide. Our Rolling Road confirms the outcome.

We believe that the remapping service that we provide is second-to-none anywhere.

Our Rolling Road has changed Everything

With our own Rolling Road (actually called a Chassis Dynamometer) we can accurately measure the actual performance of any two or four (4x4) wheel drive vehicle (and 3 wheel drive also if the vehicle has two drive wheels) Following this we can examine the data, including Wideband o2, pressures, including boost and temperature and just about any other data that we like in association with the output from the rolling road to provide the information to adjust the many possible parameters that may need to be altered to give the required performance increase, the dyno allows us to check and test the results and make further changes until the work is complete and a final power run is completed to check the results.

How does remapping work?

Remapping is a process where the parameters within the tuning and calibration of the ECU are changed to increase the performance and./or the economy of the engine are modified to improve the characteristics of the engine. There are many maps within an engine ECU, controlling things such as fuelling, timing, boost, acceleration, deceleration and many more. Some examples of 3D models of some maps are shown below.



Why don't the manufacturers do this themselves?

You will probably be surprised to discover that the vehicle manufacturers often modify the mapping of their ECU's for marketing reasons, to differentiate between models and specifications for example, with the same engine often being fitted to numerous models of vehicle there has to be a performance difference between their low-specification, regular and "sports" models. This is frequently achieved by de-tuning the cheaper models.

Manufacturers also have to comply with very strict emissions requirements and tests that are performed to meet UK and European testing parameters, these often mean that between 1,700 rpm and 3,000 rpm the engine output is deliberately held-back to pass these tests. Having a negative effect upon both performance and economy. 

Power Diagram from Rolling Road

ECU Corruption and Incorrect Software

We are also able to repair the damage to the "flash" software held in the Engine ECU, this can be caused by all sorts of issues, problems during software updates and remapping being the most common examples. Even if there is no communication with the engine ECU we can often still resolve the problem. We carry out this kind of work on a regular basis for both trade and retail customers. Send your ecu to the address on the Contact Us page and we will investigate the problem and advise how we can help. Problems like this can also happen when the "Chip" that stores the data becomes damaged, we carry most of the common chips and flash memory in stock and can instal and configure the correct software version as required.

Aftermarket ECU's

We are able to supply and fit ECU's from the likes of Emerald, Simtek, Motec, Gems, OMEX and any other ecu that has the relevant software available. We regularly remap Subaru's, Honda's, Ford Cosworth and Lotus vehicles with aftermarket ecu's. Call us for further information.

Classic Cars

We are happy to tune traditional engines and Eric has been for over 35 years, ranging from single cylinder motorcycles up to 8 x twin chokes on Aston Martin v8's