Range Rover Sport TDV6 & TDV8 Non-Start

We are seeing an increasing number of Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 where the vehicle has been running without problems then suddenly the car wont start. If after checking there is enough fuel and listening under the vehicle for the fuel pump running, you can then check that the low pressure fuel pump is producing about 5 bar at the scrhrader valve at the rear of the engine.

You may find that there are error codes mentioning voltage low, DC/DC Converter and even fuel rail pressure. Low Frequency coil and other unusual error codes.

These problems are often caused by failure of the PCM (Power |Train Control Module) and often corruption of the software in the PCM

We are able to fix these problems using either New ECU's, Exchange ECU's or simply by upgrading the software. Sometimes we need to flash the memory in the ECU with the latest software on our Test Bench before we can instal the correct software and configuration data. Typical repair cost is about £350 including UK carriage.

Contact us on 07835 221337 or 07922 310396 for advice or to arrange for the repair of your Range Rover Sport.