Land rover / Range Rover Gearbox Flushing, Filter Replacement & Recalibration

A quick search of the Internet will find lots of mention of gearbox failures of Automatic Transmissions in 2003 onwards Land Rover & Range Rover models, including Discovery 3, Discovery 4, Range Rover L322, Range Rover L320 & Range Rover Sport. Basically any 5, 6 or 8 gear Automatic Transmission.

There is a lot of misinformation about these gearboxes on the Internet, Some say these gearboxes ar sealed for life and never need the oil changing, the manufacturers of the gearboxes (Both General Motors (GM) & ZF (Zeppelin Foundation)) claim that the automatic gearbox (Transmission) oil should be changed every 100,000 Miles, the reality is that the gearboxes should have the oil filter changed and the oil flushed and changed Every 60,000 Miles. Its also a good idea to change the transfer box and differential oils at the same time. Lots of high speed motorway driving and towing will require shorter service intervals, in some cases it can be a good idea to replace the standard oil cooler for a more efficient system, we can advise on suitable improvements, just ask us for information,

Failure to perform this essential preventative maintenance will result in early failure of the gearbox & Torque Converter 

Symptoms showing problems or faults include

  • Delayed Gear changes
  • Hard Gear Changes - sometimes with a noticeable Bang
  • Slow gear changes when gearbox is Cold or Hot
  • Difficulty selecting Park when Hot
  • Loss of drive
  • Loss of some gears
  • Loss of reverse gear
  • Error messages 
  • Gearbox "flaring"
  • Gearbox overheating


Turner Diagnostics Transmission Service (Similar to but more thorough than MegaFlush)

We specialise in diagnosing problems and servicing Automatic Gearboxes as fitted to Land Rover and Range Rover models, our transmission (automatic gearbox) service includes the following.

  • Check fault codes and monitor "live data" in the gearbox
  • Determine the cause of any faults or feedback from our customer and advise as necessary
  • Drain all existing transmission oil
  • Remove gearbox sump, inspect oil and any contaminants in the sump) and replace the gearbox oil filter and sump
  • Fill the gearbox with the manufacturers recommended specification of transmission oil
  • Flush the gearbox until all the oil has been replaced (this typically means that we use about 15-20 litres of oil instead of the maximum of 9 litres that fills the gearbox from scratch)
  • Reset the adaptions for the gearbox/transfer box
  • road test and monitor live data with the specifications from the manufacturer.
  • Check for leaks
  • Return to the customer.

Remember we recommended that the automatic gearbox oil & Filter on Discovery 3 & 4 and Range Rover & Sport from 2003 onwards is changed every 60,000 milse or less if towing regularly.

Important Note!

Its not enough to just change the gearbox oil or the oil and filter or have a MegaFlush type service carried out, if the work is NOT carried out correctly or inspection of the old oil, filter or sump pan is not completed correctly it is quite possible to make things worse, in fact you can actually loose all drive and be unable to use your car until the gearbox is rebuilt or repaired. Unfortunately this is always a possibility when the transmission has not been serviced in line with our recommendations and practises as above, however careful checks can reduce the risk of further problems. If you are already experiencing problems with your transmission system it is important to investigate the problem Before any work is carried out, as we recommend above.