Land Rover Discovery Random Error Messages

We are seeing an increasing number of Land Rover Discovery 3 models with a variety of error messages, sometimes there are functions that don't work correctly other times everything is working correctly, there is just an error message or messages showing various faults.

Sometimes there are the following problems or errors

  • Air Suspension
  • Rear Door Upper
  • Rear Door Lower
  • Seat Adjustments
  • Mirror Adjustments
  • Windows Not Working
  • Transmission Faults
  • Hill Descent

We have found that there are many different causes of these problems, we are able to determine the real cause and rectify both the cause of the problem and the cause of the symptoms.

It is important to get these problems diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible as frequently the problems increase until the car wont start at all.

Please call us to book your car into our workshop to have these irritating messages resolved.