Land Rover Defender Repairs & Upgrades

We are specialist in Land Rover Defender models, we have the ability to diagnose, repair and upgrade all of this popular off-road vehicle.

As you will probably have already noticed elsewhere on this website we have a Worldwide reputation for repairing and supplying exchange control units for Defender models. We can and do supply exchange control units, Instrument Clusters and a wide range of electronics parts. We are the go-too place that owners bring their Defenders to when they want to get the job done right first time.

What you may not be aware of is our ability to repair and upgrade the Defender to a variety of specifications, some common options for upgrades are listed below.

  • Engine ECU
  • Custom Remapping on our in-house Rolling Road Dyno
  • Hybrid Turbos
  • Performance Intercoolers
  • Performance Air Filters.
  • Pollybushes and other suspension upgrades
  • Suspension Lowering
  • Suspension Lifts 2", 3", 4" etc
  • LUK Clutch Upgrades
  • Automatic Gearbox Flushing
  •  Manual and Auto Gearbox repairs and rebuilds
  • Transfer Box rebuilds