Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Specialists

We have been working on Electric and Hybrid vehicles for more than 12 years, at that time the most common Hybrid car was the Toyota Prius and the most common problem was engine running problems and Battery Cell failure!

Elliot has been trained as an Electric & Hybrid vehicle Diagnostic Specialist and has the relevant qualifications to support his expertise, his training has taken him to a level beyond those of many Manufacturer Dealers!

Elliot is IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Level 4 Technician in the Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components, which is the highest level available, many Dealer Technicians are only trained to Level 1 or 2 so you can see that Turner Diagnostics are setting the standard when it comes to our training and abilities.


Repairs and Servicing

We can service and repair Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and have all the necessary tools, skills and training to do so. SO if its regular servicing or a difficult or complex problem we are here to help you resolve the problem.

Battery Services

We are able to diagnose and repair all battery issues and even offer regular (annual or less) conditioning and maintenance on all aspects of the charging system and can enable extended battery life and charging cycles with the associated extra distance and reduced need for engine based charging, which can significantly reduce the cost of driving.


We have Genuine Manufacturer Diagnostic Equipment and access to all the documentation and information required to solve even the most complex problems, we can also carry out software upgrades as part of the diagnostic process which is often 

Electric and Hybrid Tuning or Remapping

We are developing remapping for Electric & Hybrid vehicles to enhance performance and extend the range to allow greater distances to be driven before the need to charge the batteries.