Subaru Impreza & Impreza WRX /STI

2 local Subaru's in our workshop, one on our 4x4 dyno

Diagnostics, Repairs, Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilds

We see many Subaru models but particularly Impeza & Impreza WRX models of classic and late model years, the fact that we have our own Rolling Road Dynamometer is what brings lots of cars to our workshop.

Often owners come to find out how much their Subaru really puts out on the dyno, often followed by corrective work and upgrades.

We can diagnose and troubleshoot problems and faults on all systems and model years, regardless of if the are UK or European models or Japanese Imports.

We can also supply and fit a variety of aftermarket ecu's and tune them on our 4 Wheel Rolling Road, we can also tune or remap all of the standard remappable ecu's fitted to these highly tunable cars.

The most common replacement ECU's that we supply and tune are Apexi and Simtek 

We are happy to carry out modifications, engine rebuilds and can modify parts in the process, so whatever you want from your Scooby just ask us, we are sure we can help you.

Classic Subaru down on power in for diagnostics

Elliot, one of our top guys has a 1992 Subaru Impreza which is quite special and surprises a lot of road users, ask Elliot for more info and advice about your car or potential purchase.

Genuine Subaru Diagnostics Equipment

We have our own Genuine Dealer Diagnostics equipment, the Subaru Select Monitor 3 & 4 which allows us to provide the same service as Subaru Dealers

This means that we are able to perform tasks that only a dealer can, as well as providing error codes we are able to see all the sensor data in real-time so we are able to determine when the information that is arriving at the ecu is outside manufacturer specificaions.