Customer Testimonials

P38 Suspention

Sincere thanks to Eric and Elliot! This year was the turn of the suspension. Air-springs including shock absorbers were replaced with original and Michelin latitude sport 3 tyres completed the ensenble. Consequently, motorway lane changes are as anticipated and the ride is sublime under all conditions. Once again, well worth the 500 mile round trip to Hemel Hempstead to visit the Range Rover gurus. Yours sincerely. Stephen Tomlinson. Co Durham.

Stephen Tomlinson

Plug and play , just as promised.

A Discovery 2 refusing to do anything but sound the alarm and imobilise when the door is opned. No EKA code working, Eye watering quotes from 'Experts'. to sprinkle fairy dust on it . Finally I sent the BCU to Turner's. It came back , plugged in , and worked. .

Tony B

Porsche Boxster 986 3.2s

I am over the moon with these guys....Lots more Torque and Hp....Goes like a dream. So confident now. They are the best in the business....I can't praise them enough. They will give you the best advise ever.... And do the best job that you've ever had. If you go in with all guns blazing, thinking that you know better, they will shoot you down. Listen to them carefully because they are old school and new school. They've heard it all before....and definitely know it all. Thank you very very much Eric and Elliot, for your honesty, and hard work... and also for putting me straight.

Mark Peet

Porsche 986s

This was my last chance saloon. I was sick to death of being robbed by cowboy mechanics, who never did the job properly. I went on the web, read everything About TURNER DIAGNOSTICS. Gave them a ring.. took my car on an hour's drive to see them. Was met by Elliott. I explained while he patiently listened to my story. He said that he'd heard it all before. I left my car with them. 2 days later I got a call to say it was all done and what was done. This made me very happy and I eagerly stopped everything I was doing and jumped on a train from Camden Town. I couldn't stop thinking about what it was going to be like to drive. When I got there I saw the car outside waiting for me. I called out and Elliot came out with a lovely smile on his face. I knew this was the Guy I'd been looking for. He told me to take it for a spin up the hill, opposite. I did, and it was magnificent. I got back and Eric came out while Elliott ran me through it all. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done. The drive home was magical, and the drive today and everyday is the same. Hats off to TURNER DIAGNOSTICS. Father and Son.

Mark Peet

TR6 PI tune up

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Elliot and Eric for the great work they did with my TR6 PI. The car runs smoother now with good throttle response. Will hopefully see better fuel economy as she was running very rich. Both are friendly and knowledgeable and I have no problem in recommending them to others.



Dear Elliot, I am so appreciative of your complete transformation of my P38. The 500 miles round trip from my U.K. home was inconsequential when receiving such knowledge and attention to detail. My anxieties of the numerous systems were alleviated within minutes of becoming acquainted with you. The return journey from your premises to Co Durham exceeded all expectations of how a P38 can actually perform, if maintained by a high caliber diagnostic center such as Turners. On time, on budget and a pleasure to deal with! Yours sincerely, Stephen Tomlinson.

Stephen Tomlinson