Turner Performance & Diagnostics

Turner Performance & Diagnostics are known worldwide for our specialist expertise in vehicle electronics, Diagnostics capabilities and Tuning of cars from Classic and Vintage to the latest high performance 2021 model year vehicles.

We also carry out servicing and repairs of most makes and models of car, we can also perform performance and economy upgrades for engine, brakes and suspension to most makes and models of vehicle.

Servicing, Repairs & MOT Testing

We are able to Service, Repair and MOT most makes of car and small van,  We have genuine Dealer Diagnostic Equipment for most manufacturers, so in addition to Diagnostics, Software Updates and Service Resets, we are also able to Add and Update Vehicle Manufacturers Online Service Records!

We offer fast economical servicing that ensures that the vehicle warranty status will be maintained.

We offer interim and major service options based upon vehicle mileage and the age of the vehicle.

We use top quality materials such as Mann Filters and Petronas engine oil (as used in Formula 1 Racing) Yet due to the volume of products that we buy we are able to offer this service at competitive prices.

In addition to our equipment we are also authorised Independent Repairers for many vehicle manufacturers

Remapping and Tuning

We have been tuning cars for over 30 years and with our in-house Rolling Road or Dyno are able to Remap and tune anything from a 1930's Vauxhall to a 2017 Audi S3 TFSI Quatro, in fact we were one of the first companies in the UK to Remap this model, and even the very latest from Land Rover Velar, if you want Increased Performance, increased fuel Economy or a Balance somewhere between the two then we can help. In Addition it is possible to have before and after Power Runs to see what has changed. We can also help with performance upgrades taking standard models from Stage 1 to Stage 2, Stage 3 and beyond. Check out our Remapping and Tuning Menu above for more information. Click to see our regular Vehicle Remaping List and Prices

The Diagnostic Specialists

We have specialist tools and expertise to perform better than dealer-level vehicle diagnostics on the vast majority of cars on the road today. We are not restricted to any particular make or model, for many manufacturers we have the same vehicle diagnostic tools as supplied to the dealers in addition to other specialist products

We have a huge range of specialist equipment that allows us to find and repair all manner of faults on any make or model of vehicle.

It is important to note that we are not just talking about code readers, most of our work involves the use of oscilloscopes and other specialist and often in-house developed test equipment to determine the actual cause of any issues found.

Unlike regular garages who spend most of their time servicing and repairing the mechanical side of vehicles, at Turner Diagnostics we specialise in the increasingly complex computer controlled electronic systems on a very wide range of vehicles. We also have the skills and specialist equipment that enables us to repair most electronics systems such as ECU's to component level, allowing us to repair ECU's rather than replace them.

The Vehicle Electronics Specialists - Auto Electricians

With more than 25 years of experience in the repair of car electrical systems, Turner Diagnostics are the people to call when you need an auto electrician. We can carry out all manner of electrical fault finding and repairs, from the simple to the more complex such as the rewiring of vintage, classic, modified or high performance cars.

With modern cars increasingly having CAN BUS networks linking all the ECU's controllers and systems, traditional switches are no longer used, most controls and switches just send signals and let the controllers do all the work, so a good auto electrician is what is needed to find and fix many of the problems that would not in the past have been considered an electrical problem.

With vehicle electrical systems becoming more complex by the day, many of our customers are referred to us by garages, main dealers and mobile mechanics, this is simply because most workshops spend most of their time doing routine servicing and repairs, they just don't have the staff with the experience to resolve electrical problems without swapping parts until they find the problem, this is obviously and expensive and time consuming way of working.

We are specialists, with specialist skills, tools and information built up over many years.

From simple things like heaters, windscreen wipers, lights, horns, central locking and the likes right through to complex CAN network and ECU repairs down to circuit board level, we are able to cope easily with any problem you can find, we have probably fixed the same problem before in most cases.

No job is too big or too small and most of the time we are able to offer a same day auto electrical service - call for more details or to make an appointment.

"Fantastic Service, Turner Diagnostics have been servicing all my families cars for many years, I wouldn't go anywhere else" ☆☆☆☆☆James Bishop rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars